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Paradise Goddess

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eva surga
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 8:49 am    Post subject: Paradise Goddess Reply with quote


One is not born a woman. One becomes one.



The non-introduced layman sees an image that may be sexually arousing. He may even have recognized the mature naked woman as world's #1 porn

star Jasmine Jae. She's in a hotel room, taking selfies at night in between intercontinental flights to exciting film sets. It's not just an enticing image, it

also leaves enough room to fantasize. But well crafted art regardless whether it's shaped as music or movies, painting or photograph, poem or play has

a subliminal layer that lies deeper, only noticeable for the scholar's eye. Thus communicating with the watcher, reader or listener who is initiated in the

wisdom knowledge. Disclosing procedures with exchanging manual on how God that is the Grand Design is constructed, functions, works. This image is

praised among our people for what it depicts, recognized unanimously as masterwork of erotography that's educative. So let's give it a closer look, see

what makes it so special, unique. Because it's a map, a layout that depicts the playground for advanced minds. Imagine this: you're looking at the GD

that is the female body. Image details are to be regarded from her standpoint, not from the contemplator's view. What is depicted is fascinating valid,

portraying the Grand Design, the ultimate goal of changing mankind into humanity, universe into cosmos, past into future. It's modification procedures

of occult culture. For there is oneness in man, whether us people or our people that connects anybody with everybody. All you need is go look for the

massage that lies so deep hidden, not at the surface of first appearance. Only with a totally non biased way of looking at arts' expressions, regardless

whether it shows a lewd naked woman or a neat dressed person esoteric insight regarding the wisdom knowledge will come to you. May emanate as

an epiphany or perhaps a eureka moment. Never be the first to judge, always be the last to act. Because the wisdom knowledge that holds the key to

grasp what it's all about, what we are, where we came from, what defines us, all that lies within reach in the esoteric realm for any individual provided

you are able to let go your prejudices and reservations. Look around closely, ready to realize, to accept the undeniable truth of who or what God is, of

what we really are. Only then will you understand everything. All orders, groups, movements, beliefs and religions highlight their aspect of the truth.

World's #1 porn star Jasmine Jae displaying GD, the nocturnal Grand Design.


The well endowed bed lying center stage is het beeld, the statue. It is tissue shaped by the postnuclear God. Behind her, at her left side there's a robust

wide cupboard wall in dark grey paint that looks like a closed door, with no possibility to open up or going in back. This is the leftfield amia, the femuscle,

la femme. Freemasonry call it dust, we call it antimatter. Femme is a flame muscle that can block out the Godsend daylight. Above it a purple light glow.

Purple is the purse pels, the pocket pouch. Entrance to this temple's void, the caves feucht. This is the mighty left bank that is the domain of Napolions,

the synchronizing procedures. At the other side, not purple but a bright white light. This is the old primordial source where the original God resides, not

the postnuclear God. There, God is white light. Light may also indicate humanlike light greeting the newborn day. Above it a black television screen. It's

intensely black so it's obviously off. The black screen portrays the downward tectonic direction towards further in cosmic space since upward procedures

no longer function. The female, here as shed beef whore depicted by a world famous porn star for it is the modern day slut that will liberate our humanity

stares at the watcher. In esotericism staring depicts the downward look. We see here the paradise goddess herself since her wide spread legs portrays the

M, the downward murder, the muurdier, the wall animal, the water Walter is. In her left hand she holds a smart phone with a luxurious casing. The phone

as well as being a smart ass are in esotericism cultural depictions of mystical secret magic is. It's the suffering of life one tries via contacting God. On her

left wrist, a watch depicting the lifebuoy, the liftboy that is a life preserver. Her right hand palm lies majestically on her right knee. Protecting, supporting

the right knee that is the vulnerable one. In front of her vague lit sex, on dark carpet floor the white outlined elliptic shaped eye portraying the contained

void. Left side is port, the support, the synchronize, the watcher. Right side is starboard, the steer, the synthesize, the seer. Left is Cain, who should be

responsible for weak Abel. The image set is like a control panel of an aircraft's cockpit, a ship's bridge. So, you still think it depicts a porn star in a dirty

pornographic pose? Hm. Possessing fully functional GD that is totally through liberates your mind, allowing you comprehending humanity as who we are.


original release date: 200911

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the t'aime haas kom for doos hu r dif tustand unighted end not tu vel
out november 27, 2011 GDE Magicalbum Grandmaster Directory 262 Leaves 19 pounds thick. the GDE expands
the entire magicalbum, stated by scp's head der scriptures and approved by scp's world president.

learn more of the magicalbum! viseat its world-famous fansite,
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